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 shadow the hedgehog Ps2

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PostSubject: shadow the hedgehog Ps2   shadow the hedgehog Ps2 Icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2008 12:34 pm

well it looks like shadow has his own game. so here is my review of shadow the hedgehog on PS2
so first things first this game is very long. fist you have to choose if shadow should be good or bad or do what ever he wants there are 365 endings once you have unlocked all the stages you have to do them a second time and get all A's and again once you have done that a new mode will come called expert mode which means you will go fight the final boss and tell if that is the real shadow or not (it is the real shadow Dr eggman keep him in a pod while he creates the android's). the game has language but they only use huge water fall all the time when shadow loses rings or dies. shadow can use weapons and vehicles guns etc. the game looks t for teen but esrb rated e 10 for 10 and older. no blood. so the game really is not glitched but has some. the whloe game is based on a sonic comic issue 142 shadow the hedgehog where he must save or distory the world. the game is good. sound 3/5. game play 4/5 reply value not so much. final rating 5/5shadow the hedgehog Ps2 270823-4 gameinformer rating 4 of 10 bad
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shadow the hedgehog Ps2
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