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PostSubject: Contest #1   Contest #1 Icon_minitimeFri Nov 28, 2008 12:36 pm

Welcome to the first contest on =BH=!

The Goal

What you have to do is write a short story about your favorite cartoon/ video game character! It can be about Sonic, Spyro, even Naruto! Whichever suits you best. You need to write atleast a paragraph (4-5 sentences). It can be longer if you wish. You can make the story about a problem your characters go through, or just a plain weird story! (ex: Aliens invade Earth and it's up to _____ to save the world.)


The only way for your story to be accepted in this contest is it has to:

1. Be PG-13
2. Hardly any cursing. If you do curse, please you *'s.
3. Use the correct puncuation and capitilization. (It's alright if you make a few mistakes ^^)
4. It has to be about a real character! You may mix it up and see through your own character's eyes, but make sure you use a real character!

Extra/ Review

Pictures are allowed!
Fan Characters are allowed! (Please read Acceptence Rule #4)
Can be about any character as long as it's real.
There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards. (Probably a banner to put in your sig, or a small medal... you will get something!)
There are also "Special Mentions" for some stories.
I WILL NOT be in this contest (FYI). I will be judging.
This is like a practice contest.... sorta. I'm going to see how this will work out before we do any major contests.

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Contest #1
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