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PostSubject: MultiSonicNET   MultiSonicNET Icon_minitimeSun Dec 14, 2008 5:50 am

MultiSonicNET: One community. Many cultures. Join up!

So, lately I've came up with a few ideas on how to run a forum, and I thought I'd try them out. The ideas I have include using a team of post-correctors to edit and change poorly-grammatic posts and to only ban total trolls and put anyone who breaks a minor rule a few times into a confined area where they can chat with the staff members and see if they improve.

As well as that, I'm just wanting to try and start up a Sonic community again. Thanks to Cy-Fox, all my previous ones got plagued with drama, banned from advertising, and in general, killed. But (for at least a few motnhs), he no longer seems to want to mess around with me, so I'll use this opertunity to get this forum established. I hope you'll all consider joining: it took a lot of work and research to make the forum, skin it, and even costs me some money to keep up the site.

Help us, win five dollars!
We also have a competition on. I need a banner designed, but haven't enough spare time to come up with one, so here's some incentives for all you artists out there. Join up, and PM me with your logo-banner design. If your design is the best, you'll receive five dollars deposited into your paypal account.

Head over there, and join!
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