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 My fan chars for Sonic RPGs

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My fan chars for Sonic RPGs Empty
PostSubject: My fan chars for Sonic RPGs   My fan chars for Sonic RPGs Icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2008 5:53 pm

Name: Crystal

Age: Hven't chosen one yet

appearance: Pur white hedghog with pink eyes. She usally wear sports clothing. yes she is a tomboy. (hope ya know wat that means)

Bio: Crystal was sent by her master, Duke, to take all Chaos Emeralds to Emerald Island (I made that up too :D) so she could save it. But when she met Sonic she completely forgot about what she came for. After a while Sonic and her fell in love. (thats what happened in an RPG) But it was too late to save Emerald Island. But Crystal didn't give up! She kept trying! Her parents are also dead and she wishes to bring them back to life. Crystal dies many years later do to her curse. 9forgot to mention the curse lol! ) Black marking appear on her if shesences something bad is happening that could affect her. When that happens she either goes on counscous or bleeds.

Name: Gretel

Age: 16

Appearance: A black hedgog with blue eyes.

Bio: Gretel is crystal's older sister. She used to treat Crystal as her slave and is still knda mean to her. But Gretel and Crystal now usally get along. (weird. all the sisters I know fight) Crystal came to Angel Island along with Crystal. Same for Duke

Name: Duke

Age: 21

Appearance: a bllack fox with four tails and dark green eyes!

Bio: Duke is Crystal's master. he also trains her here and there. When Emerald Island was under attack he had turned evil. he didn't go back to normal till Sonic beat him.

My scanner broken. :(
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My fan chars for Sonic RPGs Empty
PostSubject: Re: My fan chars for Sonic RPGs   My fan chars for Sonic RPGs Icon_minitimeSat Nov 22, 2008 6:36 pm

gretel sounds very good, crystal sounds ok and duke sounds ok. can you make a pic of gretel? if you can ,awesome. :)
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My fan chars for Sonic RPGs
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