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 sonic the hedgehog

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PostSubject: sonic the hedgehog   sonic the hedgehog Icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2008 10:38 am

age 15
nemesis dr.eggman
rival shadow knuckles sliver
powers homing attack chaos control when super sonic
sonic the worlds fastest hedgehog sonic is a lazy and non lazy hedgehog he fight Dr eggman metal sonic or helping shadow fight black doom or doing nothing sonic is very fast with his head and feet very simple with things to. sonic is free to do whatever he wants. so can sonic stop running no. he is not only a hedgehog but a wolf in the TV spot of sonic unlsehded coming nov 19 2008 for ps2 and ps3 wii and xbox360 comming soon he was captured by eggman and was transfromed in to a wolf only at night in day hedgehog at night wolf. so we will see his new adventure. GO SONIC :Dsonic the hedgehog Sonic10
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sonic the hedgehog
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